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Ariane's Graphics Journal

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.about me.

I used to be ariane179254 here on livejournal but got fed up with having numbers in my name, so now I'm extant. I'll be sharing my screencaps, fanart, fanfic and fansite stuff mainly here. Maybe occasional personal post.

My main website is Crystal Fires which gets all my personal posts, screencaps and has an updated list of my various sites and social media accounts.

I also have a site dedicated for creative stuff So Obsessed which is the first place I post my wallpapers, icons, fanfic and so forth on. It's the one that's always most up-to-date.

I'm a spoonie with many chronic illnesses that sap my energy, so posts will likely come more or less erratically.

.things am extremely fannish about.

These are the subjects of my most fannish efforts, or because they keep making me think. I'm also usually always looking for new fanfic and fanart to devour.

Actors & Actresses: Oded Fehr. Jeri Ryan. Rachel Weisz. James Morrison. Lucy Lawless. Tricia Helfer.

Movies: The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

TV: Lost. Battlestar Galactica (2003). Xena Warrior Princess. Law & Order (all). Star Trek (all). Dark Skies. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Space: Above And Beyond. Prey (1998).

Characters: Ardeth Bay. Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell. Anck-su-Namun. Meela. Seven Of Nine. Ba'al. Juliet Stuart. Phil Albano. Todd the Wraith. Tyrus "T.C." McQueen.

In addition I enjoy a lot of British shows and movies, especially thrillers/cop shows and historical costume dramas. A few examples include Inspector Morse (cop show) and Aristocrats (historical costume drama). And my sense of humor is definitely more in line with with British shows - favorites include The Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Keeping Up Appearances and many others) - than US sitcoms (only ones I've ever rewatched and/or collected are Get Smart original tv series), Soap and Sledge Hammer!)

The best way to find all the sites I run is to visit my main site Crystal Fires - there are links to all my current sites there.


I used to cap a lot but what with the various file host shutdowns (megaupload), website hosting fiascos (fan-sites.org and others) and being a spoonie, I decided to severely cut down on screencapping and fansites because I miss being creative but not having enough energy after that stuff. So as of January 2017, I've shut down or adopted out most of my sites as well as quit capping most tv series/movies I used to do.

The best way to find all what's going on with the sites and screencapping is to visit my main site Crystal Fires.

About My Icons & Wallpapers

You're welcome to download my icons and wallpapers for personal use, but must not upload them for sharing anywhere without my permission.

Rules Of Use
  • Credit Me either http://www.so-obsessed.com, or extant @ Livejournal
  • Do Not Claim as your own work
  • Do Not Hotlink to any files in my server unless I've given you permission to do so

Layout Credits

- Current layout (February 19, 2017 ->) by brutal @ mintyapple
- Current layout (February 3, 2017 ->) by darlingbones
- Current layout (October 2, 2016 ->) by endearest
- Current layout (June 1, 2016 - April 5, 2016) by layout_lounge
- Current layout (March 28, 2016 - April 5, 2016) by brutal @ mixedfeeling with some customizations by myself
- Current layout (January 24, 2016 -> by brutal @ mixedfeeling
- Current layout (July 20, 2015 ->) by artphilia @ cssbox
- Current layout (May 23, 2015 ->) by brutal @ mintyapple
- Current layout (August 30, 2014 ->) by layout_lounge
- Current layout (June 24, 2013 ->) by brutal @ mintyapple
- Current (October 31, 2012 -> layout by brutal
- Current (September 14, 2012 ->
- Current (July 10, 2012 ->
- Current (May 24, 2012 ->) layout by velvetb0x
- Current (February 26, 2012 ->) layout by mercscilla @ street_of_mercy
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