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20 January 2017 @ 03:15 pm
Update On Closing Sites  

Here’s the current run down of what’s happening with my sites…


Sites that I’m undecided about; I can’t bear to think of giving them up/deleting them but I’m trying to:

  • http://www.jeri-ryan.net
  • http://www.james-morrison.net
  • http://www.spaceaboveandbeyond.org
  • http://www.trekcaps.com
  • http://www.xenacentral.net


Sites offered for adoption; waiting for reply:

  • http://www.rachelweiszonline.net


Sites adopted out:

  • http://www.oded-fehr.net (adopted by the forum co-mod; I’ll stay on for a while to train her and help with the transition because she’s not familiar with running websites)


Site that will be deleted/have already been deleted:

  • http://www.teenwolfsource.com
  • http://www.lost-source.com
  • http://www.battlestar-galactica.net
  • http://www.fading-tomorrow.com
  • http://www.stargate-caps.com
  • http://www.xfsource.net
  • http://www.buffyverse.net
  • http://www.lucylawlesscentral.com (already deleted)
  • http://www.morena-baccarin.net (already deleted)
  • http://www.tricia-helfer.com (already deleted)
  • http://www.the-mummy.net (already deleted)


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